Shopping experience:

Hi guys! How are you? Do you already know What is it? is a really nice website where you can find almost everything! You can choose between clothes, shoes, bags, phone cases, bikini and lots of super profits accessories! And what about prices? SUPER LOW!

Last month I chose three products:

1- This mini red jumpsuit. It’s really nice and versatile. I can wear it always and everywhere, the material looks silky and I chose this color because I think it’s lovely with a bit of tan. HERE is the direct link to buy it. Price is veeery low, only $5.64. I choose size S.

2- This body/monokini. On the website it’s introduced as a monokini but I think it’s a bodysuit becouse the fabric is not suitable to swim or stay into the water or at the seaside. I worn it with a pair or shorts and i think it’s really stunning in that way! What do you think about? Price is low yet, only  $6.43  and you can find it by clicking  HERE . I choose size M.

3- I felt in love with this off shoulders striped top. I asked for a size S but it’s a little bit large. I will fix it from the dresser and then it will be perfect! Low price once again, only $5.08.  Direct link HERE.

What’s your favorite look? Which product do you like the most? I’m waiting for yours opinions! And do not forget to visit in order to find lots of fashionable clothing and soo more! Have a great weekend! Kisses,



If you like extensions I recommend you to visit also . There are all kinds of them! xoxo


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