Leitmotiv- LEIT-BAROQUE-


Leitmotiv fashion show is always one of my favorite ones. I really like Fabio and Juan and I definitely love their creations. Print of cascades of flowers held together by arabesque motifs, extremely elegant reinterpretation of toile de Jouy hovering between reality and other worlds, micro and macro tartans with silhouettes of stags in intarsia are main characters of Leit -Baroque collection. There is the celebration of beauty through an intense decorativism and the decorations are three-dimensional and textured on knitwear: damasked, flocked, jacquard and blends of different yarns such as combination of merino, lamé and bouclé wools. Concerning the colors we could see a kaleidoscopic hallucination that pushes us towards a different reality: red, black, yellow, orange and burgundy are the main colors used and they totally capture the spectator! I really loved the sequined black skirt and the red long sequined dress!! Look at all these amazing pics!




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